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So I want to start this post off by saying that I was originally coming on here to complain about my awful customer service experience today when trying to change my wireless plan on the phone, but as I was about to originally write this I decided to call MTS one last time, and I spoke with a very helpful representative by the name of Steve who fixed everything. :)

However I do want to share my experience so that others can learn from this and other customers don't have to experience it the way I did.

I signed up for wireless service with MTS on black Friday last year (2014). At that time I got the 1000 daytime minutes and unlimited Manitoba data plan for $65 per month. When the build my plan launched this spring I switched to the 500 minutes and Canada Wide Data for $65 per month plan with no problem at all.

This past weekend I went through all my bills and noticed that not one single month have I used more than 100 daytime minutes in a month so I wanted to switch to the 200 minute plan (for a safe buffer) and Canada Wide Data for $60 per month.

I remember when I signed up for my phone I was told that I had to have a plan between $55 to $74.99 to qualify for my device discount I received, so I assumed because $60 is more than $55 that I would have no problem changing plans.

I called 204-225-5687 at 1:45pm this afternoon and pushed 4 for billing and then 1 for wireless then 0 to speak to a representative. I was prompted with the "Rather than wait on hold, let us call you back when it's your turn, you will not lose your place in line" message, so I left my callback number and waited for callback (Estimated time 51 minutes to 1 hour 4 minutes). My phone rang at 2:53pm. I answered the phone. Immediately the message stated again "Rather than wait on hold, let us call you back when it's your turn, you will not lose your place in line" between 31 to 35 minutes from then.... THIS WAS MY FIRST ANNOYANCE.... Why did the system call me to tell me there was another 35 minute wait? I entered my phone number again and waited for a callback. My phone rang again at 3:35pm and I finally got to speak to someone. (1 hour and 50 minutes after my original call).

The representative then proceeded to tell me that I could not change to the $60 plan because my minimum monthly charge required was $65. I said that was not true. He said yes it is. I said could you please send me a copy of my contract by email to which he said fine, is there anything else he could help me with? I said no, and ended the call.

Two minutes later I receive the email with a PDF of page 1 of my wireless contact from November 2014 which the representative circled the following line

"Minimum Monthly Cost (total of monthly recurring charges identified as Rate Plan Base Services above): $65.00 (taxes and any optional services extra)"

This is located just below the tally of my rate plan showing the 1000 min pk $25 and the Unlimited MAN Data $40. (total $65)


"Based on the price you paid for your wireless device your MMC must not drop below $50.00 per month" (which is less than the $55 I thought it had to be)

Which shows that I COULD REDUCE MY PLAN to $60.00 per month.

I decided to call MTS again at 5pm this afternoon before writing this on here (fully expecting the call queue to be full and be disconnected from my call as was the case in past experience calls late in the day), but it put me on hold and I waited and waited to speak to someone till 5:45pm when a very friendly representative by the name of Steve answered the phone. I explained everything above and he put me on hold. He came back on the phone and stated that he would need to speak to his supervisor. He then went to speak to his supervisor and when he came back on the phone he admitted that the first representative was wrong and didn't know how to read the document properly. They finally agreed to change my rate plan to the $60 per month plan effective immediately. He also gave me a small credit for my inconvenience with your callback system and the first representative which I have to say was very appreciated after all those annoyances.

So now I am on the my plan $60 per month plan with 200 daytime minutes and unlimited Canada wide data (no tethering).

So overall I am happy that the outcome, but WOW....what an effort to make a change to my wireless plan.

Perhaps there can be training on how to read those MMC agreements (especially if you work in wireless billing department). I hate to imagine how many other people are told on a daily basis they can't change their plans because the representative doesn't know how to read YOUR OWN AGREEMENTS. (If you can't read them, how are we supposed to know how to read them.....)

Anyways rant over, and thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope everyone has a great evening. :)
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Official Response
Thanks for taking the time to post this, we're very sorry for the inconvenience. Rest assured this will be sent to our billing managers for training purposes to improve on future interactions. We're happy to hear there was a good ending to all of this and we really appreciate your patience.