Why does the pvr suck?

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The main reason I have television at all is for a few select shows and football. I have the pvr set to record the cfl, all the games, and half the time it doesn't record. It isn't a problem with the schedule, the guide said the game is on, but the pvr doesn't record. I have to check every time I know a game is coming on and half the time I have to reset the thing so it will record. If it was something with one of the settings, then I would think that none of the games would record, but it doesn't seem to be only one team or one day or one time that doesn't record. Its all over the place. So, why? It isn't just the games either, some of the shows seem to randomly not record, too, though it is less often.
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Laura Pishak

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Posted 4 years ago

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Jason Z, Official Rep

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Hi Laura, I will have our technical team investigate.

Couple of questions though:

Has this happened more often after the new TSN launches?

Are you using the "series" record, if so how many scheduled shows to record does it show if you look under the series record. As you know there are typically 4 games a week, does it show that many?

Big CFL and football fan myself - frustrating how poor some of the games have been this season.

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Laura Pishak

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It is set up as a series, and for example, there are only three of the games set to record this weekend. It was happening before the tsn launches and is still happening. We were told once that a powercycle would fix it. It did not.
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Jason Z, Official Rep

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Hi Laura,

I can answer the "why" for you right now, need a bit more time to figure out how to make it better as it isn't 100% within our control.

The simply answer to the Why is that the provider of our guide data (we get this from a company that does this for a number of providers) doesn't support Series record for most live sporting events, meaning they don't provide a "series ID" on this type of programming for our system (Mediaroom) to correlate to.  This is why the experience is inconsistent for us when we try to set up and execute the recording of these shows.

We are going back to them to see what can be done to provide this "code" for us to reference and subsequently be able to ensure that all the events are recorded properly.   In the mean time it requires manual intervention (setting up each one separately in advance) .

We do apologize for this inconvenience, I will try to get some further info on this within a couple of weeks.

We are certainly into the football weather now - enjoy the games this weekend!!
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Zeph Hannem, Champion

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Laura, I've experienced this problem as well with series recordings. With that said, I always check for the upcoming future recordings, just to make sure they're listed to be recorded. I agree, it's very frustrating, as I've also missed programs 'cause of this issue.
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A lot of these games do not start nor end at the scheduled times. Not the fault of the PVR nor the Guide. To be safe, simply record the show before and after the scheduled start and end times. This will solve this problem in most cases. Works for me! You just have to learn how to work around it. Any provider would have the same problem.
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One of the other big issues is MTS is subscribing to a listing service for the channels. That company is the one putting bad data into the listings which flag when something is a "new" broadcast. For example the listing for the 6 pm news on Global does not flag that it is new every night.

You best option is sadly to check and verify important shows are set to record if you have no fallback plan. Hopefully next year TSN Go will be available to MTS customers and make it possible to watch previously broadcast games.