Visual Calling Waiting ... is that Nortel DMS-100 DSCWID on an ADSI Phone?

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Does MTS still offer this service?  At Nortel, we called it Call Waiting Options, but the technical term was Deluxe Spontaneous Call Waiting Identification with Disposition.

If I subscribe, what is the telephone number to download the ADSI script (template) for it into the phone?  This labels the soft keys on the phone in advance so that the CPE Alerting Signal (that higher pitched call waiting tone) can bring them up on the screen. 

I'm confused -- Visual Call Waiting usually means SCWID, which just shows the name/number of the 2nd caller, and all you can do is flip back and forth, but this is branded "Call Waiting Plus".

Deluxe Call Waiting Options lets you drop the first caller and switch to the waiting caller, or put the first caller on hold and switch to the waiting caller, or create a 3-way call with your current caller and the waiting caller, or send the waiting caller a "please hold" message and then put him/her on hold, or send the waiting caller a "I'll call you back" message and then disconnect him/her.  The other option is to send them to voice mail right away (the default if you do nothing after the 2nd beep).

If you press 3-way, then you can either drop the first caller, or the last, and continue the conversation with whoever is left.

Oh, I should mention there was a "Talking Call Waiting" option too!!
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Posted 2 years ago

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Didn't doing that require a specific Nortel telephone along the lines of a Vista 350 or Vista 390 to access those options?
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An ADSI (Analog Display Services Interface) phone.
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Looking at the MTS service Tariff #2142.2.B section 7 it may still be available if you have one of the above sets that can handle it, and I am going to guess the switch has that software option installed.

Visual Call Waiting
Allows a customer who is already using the telephone to receive a display
of the name and number of the originator of an incoming local or long distance
call as well as the associated call-waiting tones. In addition, the
following options may be used to manage the call:
a) answer the incoming call immediately;
b) drop the first call;
c) forward the call to a Call Answer mailbox;
d) issue a busy, please-hold announcement;
e) issue a busy, please-call-back-later announcement;
f) join the second caller to the ongoing call.

Nortel discontinued those the above telephone years ago so unless you have one or can find one on the used / refurbished market it won't work on other telephone sets.

If I recall properly when a call came in it displayed a number of  soft buttons on the display screen  to select the options a thru f. 

I don't know if MTS ever did it but apparently Bell used the screens to display advertising at one time,
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I have several Vista 390 and Vista 392 phones. I should look at selling them. I know I paid ALOT for these phones.
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had to look up what a Vista 392 set is.  I never knew until you posted today there was a two line version.
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Yes, via SRS (suppressed ringing service).  This downloaded the rotating ads to your phone at night while you slept without ringing your phone.  There was the Vista 450 and 452 with wireless IR keyboards, e411, e-mail, banking, but Bell Canada never rolled out DSCWID.  Later the Vista 470 came out.  There was also a Vista 360/364 where you could download money into a chip card.

But, does MTS still offer this kind of Call Waiting?  It needs a script first, and that can only be downloaded from MTS.

The ADSI screen phones aren't worth much, because VOIP systems don't emulate ADSI except for basic Caller ID, and Caller ID on Call Waiting.

I take it MTS is going the same route as Bell.
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I'm going to chip in with what I gathered for information based on what you were asking.  
There is 'Call Waiting', 'Call Waiting Plus' and 'Visual Call Waiting'. 
  • Customers must subscribe to Call Display and Call Waiting features 
  • Customers must have a Vista 390 or Aastra 480e phone set

There's some links that should help:
A listing of our current features: 
Home calling features:
Business calling features:

Here is the user guide to access all the features available with call waiting:

If a customer has a Vista 350, Vista 390 or Aastra 480e phone set then the number to download the features onto the phone is 1-888-848-4782. 

With residential call waiting plus it shows on your call display who the second incoming call is coming from.  There is no option to 3 way call in the middle of a call waiting call. 

If there is something I misunderstood or didn't answer well enough based on your questions, please let us know. 

Thank you, 
Tennille :) 
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That's amazing.  You understood it perfectly.  The service was only available on DMS-100 Central Offices.

I wonder if MTS still has Meridian Digital Centrex Dial Call Waiting.  We used to drive people crazy with that.  Let's say you don't subscribe to call waiting.  I call you and get a busy signal.

So, I hang up, but this time I dial a special "vertical access" code and then your phone number.  You get a call waiting beep now, but just for my call.  This could be automatic for all calls from my line with CWO (Call Waiting Originator).  If you had CWX (Call Waiting Exempt) on your line, it would deflect my bullet and I'd get a busy signal.

If you still didn't answer and my line has EBO - Executive Busy Override -- I could barge into your call, but not without a long warning tone first and a beep every 15 seconds or so thereafter throughout the entire call.

All on Centrex of course.  The other good feature was SAID -- Speech Activated Intelligent Dialing and the Automated 411 System where it would relay a sound clip to a live operator if the system could not decode the name.  It would usually go like this:

411 ...
Bell Directory Assistance
For what city?
Do you want a residential number?
For what listing?
jibberish sounds ... boobulaboobulaboobulaboobulaboo

The system couldn't decode that and the sound bite would be relayed to a live operator, who would usually come back on line in tears from laughing so hard.