Very disappointed with mts rural cell coverage shoal lake area

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The cell coverage in our area has been failing now more and more often. Call customer service and tech. Ang the only feeling I get is to bad so sad. The way it seems with mts is if you live outside Winnipeg oh well!! Rumour has it Rodgers is building a tower out here this summer can't wait to change. Mts you are behind the times stArt caring about you rural customers!!!
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  • extremely frustrated

Posted 2 years ago

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What Shoal Lake are you taking about?  The one on Hwy 16 or the one in the Whiteshell area of Eastern Manitoba. 

The western Shoal Lake has a MTS site at the Shur-gro elevator site just west of the town so I am surprised that there would be a problem unless MTS are having equipment issues.

If Rogers does anything they will probably put their antenna on the MTS tower as they do a lot of co-locating with MTS.  It does not pay either company  to put up a new stand alone tower if their  co-location partner has one in the area the want to come to.
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You would be using the same towers across manitoba both rogers and mts only make a difference if u leave manitoba I think.
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MTS and Rogers share the same signal. Once the Rogers tower is in place, your service will improve. Some of the rural tower are MTS and some are Rogers but they give service to customers from both companies.
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Correction -- once the Rogers tower is in place your service **may** improve. It really depends on where you are, where the tower is, the device you are using, the weather, the season, etc. Lots of variables in wireless service. For example my old desk in Winnipeg was near the building's support column. That cast a nice wireless dead zone that covered my desk area. Not any carriers fault and the same thing can happen in rural MB.

Also it isn't that MTS does not care but rather there is limited that can be done. Either the wireless signal works or it doesn't. If it doesn't work the dead zone gets marked and sent with a long list of such reports to the wireless network team. They do review them and make changes but point an antenna more to your house would likely cause someone else to be losing signal making it a very complicated balancing process.

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Yeah see here is a example of how much you don't know it don't matter if we're inside or outside the service in shoal lake and surrounding areas suck. It's not just me complaining there is lots of people I know out here that are sick of MTS. I can see both the main tower and the repeater tower from shoal lake. No excuse for the continuing crappy service. I have several friends that are with Rodgers and all have switched from MTS and all say the service is ten times better!!!! So if they share towers???? Why is MTS service in the crapper. The real downer is highway 16 second biggest highway in the west. And I am a volunteer fire fighter. And there are serveral dead zones from Russell to minnedosa. NOT EXCEPTABLE when you can't even get service to call 911.
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You can have two phones, same model, same network, same location and same time and have very different network experiences. For example had one phone with a defect that caused the radio to shut off. A phone being dropped or having other seemingly minor damage can cause huge performance issues too.

What you are claiming might be true. That said talk to MTS and see if they will unlock your current phone and wave the normal charge so you can try the exact same phone on the Rogers network you feel offers superior coverage.

As for indoors or outdoors it doesn't matter. Graham, a wireless signal engineer with MTS, has previously said even the leaves on trees can impact a signal. Even being able to see a tower does not mean you are in the clear signal wise. I have heard that when towers have overlapping signal footprints they can be setup to not send a signal in a specific direction, or if they are being focused on a specific area they can be limited too.

Basically in terms of wireless signal don't make any assumptions on what will work...
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Hello Travis, 

We had our Wireless Operations team look into the issue you posted and the culprit is interference in your area. Our technicians are taking care of it and this will hopefully resolve the issues you're having. 
We apologize that this has impacting your use of your wireless device.