Tips for PVR Hardware Problems

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Hello Everyone,

Today I thought it might be helpful if we talked about what to do if you encounter a hardware issue with your MTS PVR.

Let me start with a little bit of background on this issue.  A red x would display on your TV if you encounter a hardware issue.  98% of the time this issue is within the PVR itself and can range from a hard drive failure to a port malfunctioning.  With this being said there are a couple of minor things to double check before you write off that box entirely.

- Try unplugging the power cord
and plugging it back in.  This will reset
the box and might bring it back to life.

- Ensure the Ethernet cable is
securely connected.  If it’s loose it can
compromise the signal and cause some issues.

- Make sure you didn’t somehow
end up with both an Ethernet and Coax cable connected.  Having both can cause a conflict within the

Now let’s say you’ve done all of the above
and the cabling is fine, this means there is a hardware failure that requires
the device to be replaced.  Well, you
could contact our friendly tech support crew for a repair appointment or, if
you live in the Winnipeg area, you can swap that PVR (and only if it’s a PVR)
at one of our Winnipeg Connect stores. 
But before you tear that box out of your cabinet and hop in your car I
have a few suggestions:

1) Make sure the affected box IS a
PVR.  This can be identified by the model number in the bottom left corner
under the power button.  A PVR will always have a 6 in the model
number.  Currently we have a VIP1216 and a VIP2262 out there.

2) Take a picture of the
connections before you unhook everything.  Makes it a lot easier when
trying to put it all back together later.

3) When you do disconnect
everything make sure you bring the PVR and the power cord, as both are needed
to be returned and you may not get the same model in exchange.

4) Head on down to one of our
assigned locations that will have the equipment you need. 

Currently we only have a few Winnipeg locations that are authorized to swap
these devices. Check the list below to make sure you head to the right one.

- Seasons of Tuxedo - 14-660
Sterling Lyon Parkway

- Pembina - Pembina Village
Shopping Centre,  2075 Pembina Hwy

- Southdale - Southdale Shopping
Centre,  Unit 160 - 235 Vermillion Rd

- Henderson - 2 -1439 Henderson

- River and Osborne - 2 - 481
River Ave

- Portage Place - 393 Portage
Ave, 2nd floor.

There are a couple of things that I want to mention
after you swap your PVR.

 - All your recorded content will
be gone, sad I know.  On the plus side
all the schedules and series recordings you setup will still be setup and you
won’t have to re-input them all.  So that’s a bit of a silver lining.

- After you get it all hooked up
test the PVR service to make sure it’s working properly.  Record a live show for a minute and make sure
it plays back.

- If you use parental or rental
locks they will need to be setup again – See our website on Parental
for more information.

Do you have any comments or
questions?  Have you run into this issue before yourself?  What was
your experience like?  Share with the community and together we can grow.

Thanks for your time.
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Jeremy, Official Rep

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Posted 2 years ago

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JG, Champion

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If I may add something, hard drives are sensitive devices, so if/when you get a new PVR, be very careful not to jar it while it is plugged in.

If you need to move it or pick it up, I suggest unplugging the power cord, either from the back of the unit or the wall.
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gordon1111, Champion

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How come big stores like KP/Polopark Aren't on that list? And Is this something new of allowing swaps in store? Thanks.
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Jeremy, Official Rep

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Hi Gordon,
This is something new we are doing.  It's in it's trial phase right now, if all goes well there is the possibility the ability to swap PVR's could get expanded to many more, if not all, stores.  As for how the locations were selected I am not 100% sure.  They may have been lower volume stores to allow for an easier swap process and to try and minimize the influx of customers in some of our already high traffic stores, but this is just a guess.
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gordon1111, Champion

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That makes sense! And this is a step in the right direction as lots of people have had this problem and had to wait a service technician. I know KP is always packed with cell phone activation. I have heard from lots of people that Kildonan place MTS store is one of the most popular stores in the mall. For cell phones that is.
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As an aside, on demand, both of the tv and streaming apps like CTV Go can offer a possibility to recover some of the lost content from a PVR swap. This is constantly changing though so best to check with the specific channels as to what shows are available and when they may be removed.
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Jeremy, Official Rep

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Great point CoryB,
Many popular shows on channels like HBO, History, AMC and many more are available in our On Demand section.  You may be able to catch some of those past shows you missed or lost.
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CoryB, Champion

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As of May 2016 CTV Go has a lot of their primetime shows in their app with past episodes. Bravo and Space have select shows availae from their web site. Global and City provide some access to shows without a login. If needed best to check the specific channel for full details.
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Great added information, CoryB! Thank you for sharing. :)