Tethering using Galaxy Edge 7

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There is a setting in my phone settings that enables me to use the phone basically as a wifi router to connect other devices to it. Is this referred to as tethering? Also, can I use it without having tethering on my BellMTS account?

I know some ppl pay for tethering, but I'm wondering if its just a phone feature or a BellMTS feature.
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Posted 8 months ago

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That is tethering, yes. I have it included in my cell plan. Word of caution for it...tethering is using your data so if the tethered device uses a lot of bandwidth, for example watching Netflix for hours, you could find your cellular data getting throttled for the remainder of the month because of the fair use policy. I allow people to tether for short periods of time to avoid data caps. Hope that helps a bit! :)
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Amanda, I think you missed their second question :)

I believe it just won't work if it's not on your your account. A long time ago, some people claimed it worked on unlocked and/or rooted Android devices (but not Apple) even if you weren't paying for it. I tried it once on my locked Android and it didn't work, but I didn't mind. I wouldn't want a surprise on my bill anyway. It may have been a loophole that's been closed since? Don't quote me on that, it's just what I've read.

Anyway, I believe tethering is included on all capped plans like the 1GB, 2 GB, etc (as in, anything but the flat rate plan.) But doing so could blow through your limit in a hurry by playing YouTube set to full HD, or as Amanda said, watching Netflix. (I recommend setting YouTube to play in HD on wifi only either way)

If you're on flat-rate (formerly unlimited data) then I believe tethering is an add-on (extra cost) and to add to what Amanda said, the speed gets throttled to 256 kb/s after 15 GB, which is in the contract as an excessive use policy. That's like dial-up speed, so you can't do much with it.
I think this was discussed recently in this thread:
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Hello there,

You're right - most phones come with the capability to turn their data into a hotspot to connect other devices; it is the plan that determines whether or not you're able to do so.

You would need to subscribe to our 2.5 GB, 6 GB, 10 GB, or Flat rate Manitoba wide Data plus data components to enjoy the tethering feature.

If you'd like to know if you have this feature, shoot us an email to community@bellmts.ca with your full name and account details and we'll take a look to confirm for you.

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As some further background, as most plans from most carriers include a set amount of data most carriers have stopped carrying if you use it through tethering or something else. The exception would of course be "flat rate" or "unlimited data" plans. It is possible though you still have an older plan that isn't one of those that does not include tethering.