sunday night guide is aways buggered up to record the good wife i also half to record family guy, not impressed.

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Posted 4 years ago

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ryan kelly

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im almost ready to head to shaw and give up on MTS, I cant count on my mts PVR $100 bucks a month for so called premium TV and useless junk. so much for reliability from MTS. every sunday same thing. as you can tell im severely frustrated at this point   
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Jared D

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What channel is that? Is the pvr just running into next program? Or is the guide saying the good wife is on when it is not? The pvr can be set to record so long after a show ends that is why I ask.
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sometimes a powercycle of the router and pvr will correct any clock issues where it seems to be recording incorrectly, but this would affect all recordings, but if we could get the channel number we can by almeans look into this for you
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Not a PVR or Guide nor MTS issue. 
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Could also be a victim of a NFL games running late, this can wreck havoc with when shows are started.  Yesterday I know that one went into overtime and there were messages during the game that shows would be started later than originally programmed.

If you have "time-shift" channels available to you that is an option to series record them at a later time for shows on Sunday.
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The same thing keeps happening to me! I set the pvr for 7:00 and end up with 20 minutes of the good wife and most of that show with Tea Leoni...last night I sat down to watch right at 10:00 so i was able to switch right over to the episode that was just starting...but so not the point! :(
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This has less to do with MTS than it does with either the company that supplies the guide info, or the channel itself having NFL games run late, and changing their schedule. Shaw has the same issues.
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Your right, This is not an MTS issue but an issue with NFL games running over time. This effects all carriers!!
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This is not an MTS issue. We will record the show  after the Good Wife ( Great Show ! ) because of this issue , and that is due to the American football games running over time. How would the PVR know how much time the game ran over ? Having the PVR is great, you just have to learn how to manage these minor issues. What a techy world we enjoy! Our family loves our  MTS TV.