pvr & netflix don't work

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I have one main set top box and 3 receivers and only the main box can record, all the the rest say :is temporally unavailable please try again. also i can not use the Netflix channel, it says i need to have high speed internet which i do . a  technician came out a week or so ago and tried to fix another issue we had and also tired to fix the pvr. said he couldn't and left it as is. so now what do i do? i am being charged for a service i don't receive.
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Posted 1 year ago

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For Netfix you need to have MTS Internet. Is that what you have?

Fir pvr. Unplug power cable from main box and ither boxes. Try pvr again.

If no go call back tech department and let them know what you tried already

Good luck
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Also ask for a credit when you call in as you have been without a working PVR
yes i have fion 50 for internet. and still keeps giving me the message that i need high speed internet. as for the pvr  I have unplugged everything like you said and still the same problem. 2 of my receivers say we have cut back to live tv because to many tvs are in use, one says temporarily unavailable please try again.  and one works. so still the same issure as before.
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Unplug all the tv boxes and the gateway (router) in the basement.

Plug in the router and wait ten minutes. The lights should have stopped changing by then.

Turn on the main PVR unit. Wait for it to fully load. Test the PVR recording something currently airing for a couple minutes. Change the channel then research the recording.

PVR should now work.

Try Netflix on that same tv. It should now work unless you have the Starter tv package.

Try the same steps on tv 2.

Try the same steps on tv 3.

Try the same steps on tv 4.

If any tv has an issue other than the PVR unplug it and move on.

This checks for defective hardware and/or wiring and narrows down the issue.
well tried all of the above and still nothing is working I guess time to get a tech back in here, but thank you for all your help, wish it would of worked.
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If you tried the above and didn't get a working PVR at the first box it's either a hardware issue or a provisioning issue.
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How old is your main set top box? I recently had mine replaced. It was giving problems and he fixed it but I told him I wanted it replaced as it was 5 or 6 years old. When you make the appointment for the tech to come tell them you want him to bring a new pvr if iyours is an older model.
We had tech out almost 2 weeks ago taking care of another issue. He tried to fix the issues we are having now but couldn't. Said sorry and there was nothing else he could do. So if I call tech in again they will pro ably tell me the same thing . But than you for your reply.
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There have been previous postings here in the past  where its taken a few visits by different techs to resolve the problem so don't think that because one tech was not able to resolve your problem that it can't be fixed.
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The main box that houses the PVR should be connected to the gateway with Ethernet. That cable has an end with a square plug very similar to a telephone cable. These pop into a holemon the setup box.

The other boxes can use either Ethernet or coxial. Coxial is a round end that screws onto a peg sticking out of the setup box.

I suspect the route cause falls into one of these groups:

1. You are only paying for Starter tv ($28/month) which does not include TSN on channel 22 or you do not have MTS Internet.

2. There is a hardware fault that needs a replacement.

3. There is an inside cabling issue.

Most repair techs won't normally check inside cabling as it needs more time for the service call.