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How come prices keep going up and up and up? Now with Bell prices will go up even more!!!
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Posted 1 year ago

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It is called inflation and affects far more than just telecom prices.
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It's called a lack of competition. And now of course, it will likely get worse. Check out cell costs in other countries.
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Bell has a reputation for keeping wholesale rates sky high. Look up TekSavvy v Bell and the recent CRTC broadband wholesale ruling as an example. I except Xplornet will receive the same sort of warm welcoming embrace from Bell.
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I still see no reason for this deal to have gone through. In the Competitions Bureau ruling, I recall seeing a 'this is good for competition', and further down a line that said 'prices will likely increase due to lack of competition'. So we know that the Competition Bureau is on the take there. 

Also, the reasoning that gobbling up a regional carrier to bolster another and make it a strong regional carrier is, sorry - a$$backwards. 

I just upgraded to a S7 (love it) from an iPhone 6 Plus. My previous plan was 57.50$.. It's now 75$ (girl said there have been two price increases in the last year.. Actually, it was less than a year that I've had the iPhone). 

Let us see what happens to the flat rate data plan with MTS in the next couple of years. 

As a country, cell providers prices are incredibly high compared to other countries and what they get. 
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The competition bureau isnt concerned with the prices persay....they are looking at the overall picture. There are currently 4 wireless providers competing in the MB market. Bell purchasing MTS lowers that to 3. By "forcing" Bell to allow Xplornet access to their network and to assist them in becoming the new 4th provider...they are ensuring that competition is not reduced to 3 carriers. Whether that has a noticable effect on pricing has yet to be determined.

I've said it before...there is nothing stopping Bell, Telus or Rogers from lowering their prices to try and attract customers from the other providers. They simply choose not to. Bell and Rogers being content owners as well doesnt necessarily help matters on that front either.
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Close Dustin. Keep in mind Rogers, at the time, being the only GSM carrier in Canada almost blocked the first iPhone here due to their unwillingness to give in to Apple's demands! Along those same lines Telus with under 10% market share and significant network coverage issues were the driving force of low prices in the MB market.

There is not enough information to properly judge what impact Xplornet will have on the MB market.
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At the rate at which mts prices are going up lately, the price gap is not what it used to be!

As for Xplornet upcoming mobile services, time will tell.  As for rural internet services for ALL Manitobans, and not just DSL's limited availability, Xplornet will likely dominate with mts not even coming close to being competitive. It will be interesting to see what their new generation satellite does to speeds and pricing when it comes on-line in July with another one set to launch next year. 
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I like MTS for home internet, no one has ever badgered us about excessive downloads. If Shaw was our provider, they'd definitely enforce their 1000GB cap and even before that was reached, we'd see slowdowns (throttling) for sure. Been with MTS since days of dial-up, always happy with the quality of service to date. What I'm not happy about is their repetitive $3 increase every time that happens. It's always been higher than the rate of inflation and one wonders how they come up with that one anyway. Regardless, I'll stick with them for internet. For TV, price is the same for both Shaw and MTS, same programs, neither seems worried about gaining or losing customers as many switch back and forth. I know for common sense that Rogers or Telus would never make a go of Cable TV here in MB because we're bargain hunters and we'd squawk with the limits (caps) those two WOULD levy on users. I use Rogers for home wifi phone ($11.99/mo) and my cell service. Used to have MTS for cell but after one particular promo expired and then they FORCED me to acquire a new plan even though I wasn't making any changes, didn't want a freebie phone etc. ie: keep it ALL the same and just ride the old plan for awhile, I dumped them and will NEVER go back to MTS. Our credit is great, we don't have issues with MTS like some do and are usually the ones whining since they didn't pay their bills and OH NO, bad company wants to be paid. I plan on watching the cable package prices very closely though and will jump to Shaw if they truly get competitive with price wars. Since my home internet is actually sep. from my cable, I have 2 boxes-1 for internet and 1 for tv so it doesn't jam up when I'm downloading, surfing, watching etc. To get Shaw in my home for 6 months of a promo, no sweat and something I'll do often if necessary. MTS has become lazy and laid back thinking everyone will stay because it's such an inconvenience to switch. Not hard to do though, installer does whatever is necessary, tv up and running within hours. I see it this way: the CRTC ordered everyone to make it fair and all companies did only so much and then left it at that. IF MTS or anyone else can afford to give you a super promo of around $55 for 6 months as currently advertised, why are the prices so high for regular users after that and for however long you stick with them? You can't do much about the price of gas at the pumps because of such collusion but switching back and forth every 6 months might start to make all re-think their own strategies. I'll offer this to Bell too: welcome to Manitoba, you're about to find out that many of us actually hate you to begin with and it goes back to the days of satellite service. I doubt if you've changed your tune but still think you're hot stuff and you're the only game in're not
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I definitely agree with you...except for Shaw Internet. Their caps are nothing more than soft caps that permit them to push extremely high bandwidth users onto other plans. I have been with them for over 7 years without any complaints. Never experienced any kind of throttling of any kind, and while i have never gone over my "limit", I do know people who have, and only one that was regularly exceeding their limit consistently by over 200gb per month for close to a year was actually contacted. The others that casually exceed it here and there never hear squat.
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I have a question on this, as I was looking at the details of my MyPlan...which I started into 2-year contract in November, 2015.
Pricing has majorly gone up in just over a year... concerning because contract is done in a half year from now and will need (not right away) but a newer device eventually.
Interesting to see that the "starter amount" has risen $15 in a year and a half already!

When I got my MyPlan, the total comes out to $65 ($20 starter, $17.50 for 500 minutes, and $27.50 for the flat-rate data).
Comapring now to a newer MyPlan as of now, the amount is similar, until you get to the final price (as the main page doesn't show the starter bundle amount until the end).
The data and talk amounts are about the same on average now...there is no 500 minutes (only option is 200 minutes or unlimited..personally I use over 200 day minutes but not quite 500 minutes :( so unlimited will not be very useful to me now).  This amount is $15 for the talk.
The amount for flat rate data is now up to $30.
Together they equal the same amount as what I have on my current contract.

However the starter amount has risen to $35!   I understand inflation and "need for network enhancements" as MTS and BellMTS would quote, but that much in that time, WOW!

Just crazy now.