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In the past 2 years the reception in my neighbourhood has gotten to the point I have to actually leave my neighbourhood to get a clear signal.  I have done all 'recommended' possible fixes given out by the support personnel but ultimately it ends up with a "I'm sorry.".  Well that isn't what is required.  Having the best cell coverage in the province but not in the city is just stupid business.  The majority of users are in the 2 major cities and no to pan the country folks, the majority rules.  There are those that depend on their cells for their lively hood.  Not receiving critical calls or dropping calls is just not the way to conduct business.  Then theirs the emergency use of the phone and not having it functioning because of low signal strength.  It also is a cost issue.  I can't get rid of my landline because my cell service is so bad.  This is a known issue as MTS actually had Industry Canada come to our neighbourhood to do signal testing thinking someone or something was interfering with the signal.  If there is an issue then it's up to the supplier to make it right.  A booster was recommended but I would have to pay hundreds of dollars for it plus installation.  Surely if there is a signal strength issue MTS should be responsible for providing the booster and doing the installation.  I'm tired of 'I'm sorry" you are on your own.  Service and support is the responsibility of the provider that's why I pay $60 per phone per month. For the cost associated with the phone I expect to actually be able to use it while sitting having a coffee at my kitchen table.  Seriously this is beyond bad.   
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hello Andy,

It definitely sounds like you're having some issues with reception where you live - if you're in the city a booster wouldn't be a good resolution.
I'm sorry that was the only option that was suggested.

If you could send me an email to community@mts.ca with your contact information(a phone number is preferred), your cell phone number and where you are located when you have poor service. I will send your info to our network team to take a look at what's occurring and have someone get in touch with you about a resolution that suits your needs.

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Andy Taylor

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Ok Tennille, I've done it and sent your network guru's the info as requested.  Like I told them, I will not accept any calls or emails with 'we're sorry' in them.  I have been ignored, glossed over, patronized and blown off for 2 years which is 2 years to long. I will not be holding my breath on a resolution to this issue anytime soon.  MTS is rapidly losing me as a life long customer.  
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Thank you, Andy. I received it!
I understand your frustration and don't blame you for the way you feel.
I'll do my best to advocate for you.
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I here you Andy. I live in a rural location by the SK boarder (Binscarth to be exact) and our community of 500 ish people have little to no cell service. MTS does not seam to put a priority on any location that is not a high density populated areas. I know its like any business and they want to turn a profit but there should be some wiggle room. So I decided to reach out to MTS to see if our community/municipality would cover part of the cost of setting up a COW (cellular on wheels) or stelth pole (and I am talking around $50,000 to $100,000) and now I was told that there is no infrastructure out here to even support the tower. So I asked about a repeater tower then the excuse is that a repeater system would cost more than the tower itself.
I can't seam to figure it out since there is dark fiber running through our town and MTS can service the town of Russell (10km away) with LTE and a 300+ foot smart tower is located 20km away in Foxwarren. Seams like all we get are reasons why it can't be done. I hope something changes. I keep my fingers crossed.
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Yes the service in Binscarth is horrible:( 
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joyce Dietrich

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Rural communities or in a city or town, we're all getting poor service for our dollar! Dial up was faster . Will have to switch soon, despite booster. I have 4 bars and so slow can't load anything. This is 8:08 pm. What time will it post?
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Unfortunately...I see things getting worse before they get better.  Let's face it...in the last 5 years, mobile use has grown at an incredible rate, while capacity hasn't grown as quickly.  As well, since MTS and Rogers now share the same network, and coupled with the fact that both of these providers hold probably 90+% of the mobile market share in MB...everyone is vying for the same limited resource. Switching providers is out of the question now, since poor signal and congestion with one equals poor signal and congestion with the other.