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Why is my home internet so slow compared to cellular Internet access? I pay $60 a month for "high speed" internet that I get a download speed of St best 6.5 mbs but I can go to a community like Winnipeg or Altona, or carman or I can keep going and get download speeds off the LTE network at speeds of upwards of 46 mbs? Pretty pathetic if you ask me. A "free" internet source is 8X faster than my internet I pay $60 month for at home.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Kirk,
I'm sorry to hear about all the troubles you have been having, I feel your pain as I myself used to live in a rural community and felt the difficulties of living in such an area.  I can definitely say with confidence that we do care about our rural communities and put a great deal of effort into getting good, functioning service to these areas that other providers wont even try to offer service, that alone should say something.  On top of this FION is being released to rural communities and it's not even available in Winnipeg yet, so we using our most advanced technology available to us to provide service to these areas before improving a service that is already working in a larger market.  Another thing I can add that may put things in perspective a little bit, there are several areas within Winnipeg right now that can only get a maximum of 3 Mbps down so it's not just rural areas that feel this pain.

With all this being said, your connection dropping to 1 Mbps or less is definitely a problem.  If it occurs in the evenings then it certainly can be congestion and this is an issue that we take very seriously and are going to great lengths to resolve but it is a long and difficult process and unfortunately takes a great deal of time to resolve.  Congestion plays a big factor in the decision of what communities to roll out fiber too also.  Now if you connection is dropping at random times through out the day then this is something technical support should be able to help look into, even if you have already tried.  Having worked in technical support myself I know from experience that intermittent speed issues are one of the hardest issues to fix and can sometimes take many attempts and a lot of guess and check to get resolved.  As David mentioned, sometimes you need to be dropped to a lower speed to keep it more consistent.  A solid 5 meg connection is much better than a flaky 7meg.

As for the troubles with the wireless network, congestion can certainly play a factor for this as well however you should be able to get a proper signal when you are outside your home.  I say outside as we cannot control the construction or makeup of someones home and there are several building materials that are very detrimental to a wireless signal.  Things such as thick concrete, wire mesh, aluminum roofing, will severely degrade a wireless signal.  If you do get a good signal outside, but a poor signal inside then one of these may play a factor and a booster may help your situation.  Now if your signal is poor virtually anywhere in town then that is a different story.  Aside from a section in the south west quadrant of Morris coverage is good.  There seems to be a dead zone around Victoria ave, and from the looks of it appears to be caused by environmental issues.  Most common causes I have seen causing a dead zone like this is feed mills or other large factories.  Many small towns have a similar issue around these types of structures and unfortunately there is no way to correct this without shutting these factories down.  I strongly recommend working with our technical support group if your device is having signal issues across all areas and not just the areas I have discussed as it could indicate a bigger issue, possibly even with the device or settings within the device itself.

I hope this has helped answer some of your questions.  If you have any more direct questions feel free to post them and I will answer them to the best of my abilities or you can certainly speak to our technical support group.  They are available 24/7 and can certainly help investigate any technical issues you may have.