Pick & Pay option .... When does it start ?

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When is this officially be starting ?

Does MTS have anything in works to 'keep' existing customers on existing packages 
at lower rates

with everyone moving to online streaming, you'd think they'd have a clue and lower tv rates
pretty everyone is going to cut the cords, and go with just a faster internet connection to 
watch what they want, when they want for NOTHING, online 

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Posted 2 years ago

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Pick and pay must be in place by March 1.2016  to comply with CRTC rules.

I would not be surprised if most providers wait until almost the end of February to announce their  new costs for competitive reasons.
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Ah, March
okay.........  cool 

if prices don't go down AND they don't raise internet rates; to make up for the shortfall, i'll cut the cord !'


something tells me, internet rates are going to go up though

its the same principle as hydro
they want everyone to go 'energy effficient" and now that people are paying less /month
they are going to raise their rates to ensure they still gouge us for the same amount each and every month ( or more )
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The Basic Service package at $25.00 needs to come into effect as of March 1/16.  The "Pick and Pay" or "Small Grouping of Channels" needs to be in place by December of 2016.  There is still no ruling on what the small groupings should be or if MTS is already good with their groupings (since they do have the smallest groupings out of all the providers).
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I don't understand why a big corporation does offer a cheaper all around package with more content over a longer period of time.
why offer outstanding packages/promos for only 6 months
I would not hesitate signing up for 2 yr 3yr or even 5 yr lock in , at that 'outstanding ' rate
customer wins getting a great deal that all new customers are given and MTS wins by keeping a consistent amount of people locked in for longer periods

having great rates/packages for newcustomers only,  is a slap in the face to those who have been long time customers
and does not stop them from going to Shaw to get the same rate there for another six months

if mts would just offer that fabulous rate for 1 - 5 yr lock in rates, would that just mean MORE customer sign up with constant revenue piling in, and the consumer does not have to be nickel and dimed to death constantly.

Time to offer long term lock in  " promotional packages " to your customers
instead of the consumer paying through the teeth , why not have it time fo rthe big corporations sitting on high profits not giving back and giving the consumer a break
your profits sitting in bank accounts doing nothing while 65 - 85% of the population are struggling to make ends meet cheque to cheque

Hydro is another big ass corporation who wants everyone to lighten their load by getting environmentally freiendly and run lower amounts of energy but when they see that people are now paying less each money, they want rate increased again so people pay the same amount of each month as they used to before they went energy efficient    its ridiculous

This is the reason more and more consumers are going to Netflix and FREE online content/streaming sites to get their tv fixes

this is also the reason the CRTC changed the rules and implemented the pick and pay options
consumers are fed up with the high prices being charged for crap

you want to stop changes buy crtc, then offer  a real low cost package everyone can afford. 

rant over........
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I don't disagree with your frustrations. That said what pick and pay will bring is not going to look too different than the MTS TV offerings you have seen for 10 years or more. Basically it is forcing the end of the old "basic" and analaog tiers 1,2&3 which bundled very large groups of channels together. For most customers pick and pay will mean higher cable bills.

A good example is TSN, a mandatory channel now. If 25% of the current subscribers drop it across Canada and their content cost stays fixed they have fewer people to bill it to ao their only choice is to hike fees as some of those content deals span many years.
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and raise internet prices
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lumping it in with a package of channels nobody wants does not help anyone
if no one is subscribing to a channel, maybe that channel needs to reconsider offering a crap service or change the way it does business to stay competive

If I am a shareholder of MTS,  I would much prefer
100 people paying  xx/month for longer period than
100 paying for promo period
20 paying for it after the promo at higher rate
and 80 going to competition because the rates are too high

the consumer could care less what the channels are costing MTS

its up to MTS to get their content at a price that is competitive for the consumer
not the other way around.
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Content is very much a "take it at this price or don't" there really isn't a lot of room to neogiate a better price.

In terms of Internet costs increases, blame Netflix. On a business side, Internet has been billed by volume of traffic since before most people even had access to the Internet. Not surprising that when people have more traffic the cost to MTSg goes up and it gets passed on to customers.
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The bigger change hits Jan 22, aka the Wholesale Code. Essentially it means the "Go" or online streaming apps become available to all providers on the same terms.

I would also except before April 2016 HBO Go comes to Canada. Corus and Bell reached a deal to sell Movie Central to Bell. That was the bigger barrier to an HBO Go style service. It is mixed news though as Bell also has rights to most Showtime shows and is running Crave TV. My guess is they clock the service in at $25/month. To top that off they gear up a high profile US style piracy enforcement targeting Game of Thrones.