Not MTS-TV fault people didn't get ready in advance for Jets game

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I was happily aware of the jets on sportsnet thanks to MTS running an ad during the day and got the channel long before the rucuss that ensued. I think they did a good job of letting the public know what was happening, not their fault Rogers is taking over sports and making everyone pay......R.I.P. will be missed!!!
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Posted 3 years ago

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I am not sure what your post is intended to support. I would suspect your are referring to the web sit outage yesterday/last night. You do realize that the MTS site holds access to more services than just MTS TV right. So when I was trying to check my cellular account and then trying to check the Status page to see if all services where functioning (because my home DSL was very slow) I was presented with a "Page not found" error. Who's fault or issue do you think it should be? I figured MTS since they manage, maintain, and host the site. Maybe I am wrong and I should be blaming and calling Rogers because the MTS site is offline? Or maybe I should be calling the Jets manager because the they played a game the same night I wanted to check some cellular account information?
You can't just assume it only affected people trying to watch the Jets game and its there fault. It just goes to show you how easy it is to DOS a website and this should be a good learning experiences for MTS to yet again get there act together when something as simple as a hockey game takes down an entire website. Time to beef up the infrastructure all around.
Lessons learned. I hope.
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Personally I thought MTS did a good job managing their system outage last night. The customer self-service portal went down but it was isolated well enough from the rest of their network that the main site stayed up. Lots of other companies would lose their entire customer facing web site in a similar situation.

It was unfortunate that customers could not access self-service at a time like this as I am sure MTS lost revenue with this yesterday. That said I am sure that most customers would appreciate increasing our bills to cover the cost of redundancy for limit times when they get overloaded (ie everyone trying to order the Jets game).

That said, I know in the past MTS has offered system to support "order this channel" from the tv directly. Perhaps this system would be an acceptable backup in the future.