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I have been unable ro connect to internet all day. I can connect to dsl but not internet. Cant reset my router to factory cause i dont have my login in info as we haved moved and its buried somewhere. So what dies a guy do? He calls the non existant tech support.

So is there a reason that the website says 24/7 tech support? Cause I can't get ahold of anyone. Keeps saying the office is closed I called the callmts number went through every option I could but just keeps telling me the office is closed. Your site claims to be open for tech support but no one answers. So i try the Internet chat but that unavailable within your posted hours as well. I did the trouble shooting guides and powercycled my router.

It's sad your the only unlimited data provider so you figure you can post what you want fir business hours and then reneg cause hey where else are we to go.

Here's your posted hours. So how do I get ahold of this magical 24 hour tech support. I tried the Web chat but as you can see that at 7:10 pm. Almost an hour before it's closed it is unavailable. Ridiculous.

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Posted 11 months ago

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Jason Z, Official Rep

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Can't for sure say that this is your issue but generally when this happens there is something wrong with your account. If you are disconnected for non-pay you will always go to the billing queue first and in this case they are closed.

Again I can't say this is your situation but have seen this happen in the past and rest assured tech support is there 24/7.
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Dustin, Champion

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To me...It would make sense for a recording along the lines of "We have detected a problem with your account. Your call will now be transferred to our billing department" to be played to the caller in these types of situations.  At least then, it will be clear why the caller is unable to reach the 24/7 tech support.  Not sure what type of IVR you guys use...but it shouldn't be too difficult to implement in the call flow.
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Amanda, Alum

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Pretty sure they can't do that for security reasons.

But maybe they could even let the call go through, verify they are speaking to someone authorized, then explain the issue is payment related. Seems to me a better experience but there's cons to that too, I guess...
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Dustin, Champion

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I wasn't talking about having an actual cause noted in the message.  Perhaps something along the lines of "We have detected an error with your account, you will now be transferred to customer support." Would be more appropriate.  It doesn't  describe any sort of detail regarding the account...but it does advise that the call is being transferred to a queue other than the technical support queue. At least then, if people try calling for 24/7 tech support, they will know why they are getting the "we are now closed" message.    
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Clifford Lewis, Champion

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But the customer  service (accounts) dept is not 24 x 7 so they will still get a sorry closed message off hours.

It might work if the message was something like " We have found a potential problem with you account.  Please call again  during normal working hours Monday thru Friday to discuss"
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Amanda, Alum

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You might be able to verify if it's billing related by logging into your MTS MyAccount via the MyAccount app or web at

If it is, you will need to wait until Monday when the billing department is open. They are open Monday to Friday 8-6.
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Megan, Official Rep

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Hi Christopher, 

It looks like the previous responses have provided some good information on why you might not have reached our Technical Support team. If the account is suspended for payment reasons, it will automatically route you to our Billing department.

Were you able to get the assistance you needed? If not, our team would be happy to help. Feel free to reach us by e-mail at with further account information or try our Live Chat at

It was not billing related. It started working 5 or 6 hours later. I would honestly just like to know how to get ahold of tech support after hours. I could not find a single option that let me through to tech support. If it is truly 24/7 than how do I reach them after office hours?
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Dustin, Champion

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The issue is that to reach tech support, you generally need to enter the account number first. If there are any issues that the system detects on your account, (even if detected in error) the call will be automatically routed to the billing department, which is not 24/7. That sounds like the issue you are having.
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Jeremy, Official Rep

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Hey Christopher,
Dustin does make a good point, having an account number to reach the right department definitely makes it easier.  You can also accomplish the same with a phone number.  If you do not subscribe to home phone service there will still be a phone number associated with your TV and/or Internet services, it's kind of like a ghost line used to manage the services on our end.  Next time your able to get through maybe ask for this number (if you don't already have it) and it should make your next attempts to reach tech support, at any hour, easier.