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Does anyone know how to disable the screen saver feature that comes on when the tv is on the same channel for hours? It comes up saying " Press ok to watch tv".  I should be able to save power myself by turning off the tv if I want.
This is very frustrating and a ridiculous feature that I need to disable asap!
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Sandra Shulman

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Posted 2 years ago

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I believe it's a government Energy Star requirement and implemented by the TV box manufacturer.  Unfortunately, I don't think MTS can disable that feature.  If the box sees user activity such as pressing the guide or info buttons, then it should reset the timer. 
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Hi Sandra,

This is not so much a feature, as a requirement from both the hardware and software manufacturers in order for the set-top box to obtain and keep their Energy Star Rating.  As a Service Provider, MTS has a commitment to providing hardware that is Energy Star rated, if the Sleep Mode was turned off on all set-top boxes neither MTS nor the manufacturer could claim the required Energy Star rating.

All television service providers and their hardware manufacturers have similar requirements, this is not something that is specific to MTS. 

The Sleep Mode also ensures that streams that are no longer in use are closed down thus freeing up more bandwidth in your home for Internet (TV and Internet shares the same bandwidth).

That said, MTS can in very specific circumstances turn off the Sleep Mode if there is a valid reason for doing so. 

Also, simply pressing any button on the remote directed at the TV will reset the timer, so as long as you do so within the 6 hours that the set-top box is on the timer will reset.

Please send your contact information and the reason why you need the Sleep mode turned off to and we can review and see if there is a valid reason.

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Sandra Shulman

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We just switched to MTS yesterday from Shaw and they do not have that feature so its not with all television service providers.
My valid reason is, I have 2 dogs at home that stay home all day long by themselves and one has major anxiety so keeping the tv on all day for him helps him relax and then we have no vet trips to take that cause money out of our pockets cause he harms himself if the tv is not on all day for him.
I think this reason is more than valid.
I think this feature is completely ridiculous and if i wanted to say energy then I will turn off myself, I don't need MTS to decide this for me.
If this cannot be turned off for us, I will cancel MTS and go back to Shaw cause it is imperative that our tv stays on all day while we are at work.
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Also, I cam across a public installation recently that appeared to be running on the old analog cable setup. Not sure if Shaw is still running that but if they are it would be exempt from EnergyStar. MTS has always run a pure digital tv signal making it not possible.

In terms of the dog with anxiety, a work around might be to setup a music or radio source to play when you are not home as I am sure it is the audio and not the visual aspect of the tv that is helping the dog.

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Shaw dropped their Analog system just recently  in Winnipeg, and  looking at Shaw's HD online documentation it does not say what the Shaw default is but it can be set by the customer from never off  to 12 hours.

About your dog, I agree with CoryB that its probably the sound that works and not the picture. 

When I had a dog leaving the radio on helped.  I found that one of middle of the road music stations worked better than the hard rock or talk stations.

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Every situation is different, that said talk radio will occasionally break into live news coverage, for example a terrorist attack, and the discussion can be more hurried and excited. Not exactly the calming effect you might be trying for.
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My mother is 93 years old and would like to have the feature to keep the TV on all night long as she needs the sound to sleep. When it shuts off she wakes up.
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Hi Laura,

If you can send an email to with some additional info like your mother's phone number, we should be able to help out.