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Hi, I have a question about the newer MTS Prepaid Plans.

I am have a phone with the 365 day $100 plan. I think it was 40cents a minute with 2cent evenings and weekends. My rate plan is listed as "xxxEveningWeeknds"

I see now that the plans have somewhat changed. There is still a 365 day $100 plan, but now it seems evenings and weekends are FREE, and there are 100 bonus weekday minutes per year.

When topping up, switching rate plan choices now are listed as:
4G_$45_30 day plan
4G_$30_30 day plan
4G_$15_30 day plan
4G_$100_365 day plan

So my question is, am i missing out on some free minutes and free evenings/wknds by not switching to the "4G_$100_365 day plan" .......... or should I stick with the grandfathered "xxxEveningWeeknds" plan that stays until I change my rate plan?

Is the new rate plan like the Rogers prepaids where the $100 is an annual fee that gets you the 100 free minutes with free evenings and weeknds, and then makes you put on an additional balance to pay for additional daytime minutes & long distance? Or does airtime still get taken from the $100 like it always has? 

Sorry if this sounds confusing. I just wouldn't want to switch my rate plan only to learn I should have kept the older "grandfathered" plan that is 40cent daytime, 2 cent evening/weekend, and all costs deducted from the $100 with any balance rolled forward when topping up.

If the only thing changing is giving out 100 free daytime minutes, and reducing the evenings and weekends to free, then it would be a no-brainer to switch the rate plan. However, if it doesn't work this way..... i don't want to switch!

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Posted 2 years ago

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One of the cell reps will probably see this on Tuesday and comment, but it looks like MTS has created a $100 plan because the rate plan guide I am looking at dated  Dec 2015 doesn't have one listed it only shows a $100 prepaid card as being available.

if you were getting minutes at 2cents you were getting a real deal, the 2015 price guide I am looking at shows for the other plans 25cents a minute for evenings and weekends if not covered in the plan.

I also see a cost of 40 cents a minute in the pay as you go plan but no discount for off hours.
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I should clarify further. When I mean rate plan, I am referring to the choices offered whenever you top up with more money. I have been using prepaid for years on a phone that only needs occasional daytime minutes (a convenience phone).

For a couple of years now I have chosen to add $100 which adds on 365 days before expiry. The plan used to offer a choice of Anytime which was I think 25cents all the time, or an Evenings/Weekends which boosted up daytime minutes to 40cents and 2cent evening/weekend minutes. 

But now, MTS has changed up the plans a bit.  While I still have the "xxxEveningWeeknd" in the dropdown box when adding airtime, if I elected to change my rateplan in the dropdown the only choices are now the ones starting with "4G".

It is quite confusing to know what is happening since when adding airtime I get $15 and $15.00, $30 and $30.00 etc options in the dropdowns, and depending which you choose, the expiry date will either move up or stay the same.  And again with the 4G_30day options (that are now listed on the MTS website as prepaid packages) when offering to "choose the plan that best suits your needs", I am not sure why all of those options appear when topping up. 

Perhaps I am caught in an overlap of old and new plan features/choices, so both sets are showing up for me?
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Gillian or one of the other MTS Cell reps should be able to give more information on how the plans work when they come back on Tuesday.
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Hey there Warren,

We did a large update to our pay-as-you-go plan spectrum back in December 2015 and launched some new plans that do provide a bit better bang for your buck. Lots of these plans do include free minutes of some sort, and free time periods for calling but there are still a pay per use plan if that's what suits your needs as well.

As long as you keep topping up before your expiry date you're allowed to keep the old product model plans - if you were to let your time expire you would be forced to choose from our new line up selection. Which is why you are likely seeing that overlap in plans as you're still technically allowed to choose from the old suite of plans.

We recently launched a $100.00 plan as you've mentioned, that was in April 2016. That plan does get you 365 days before you it expires and you're required to top up the balance. This plan does come with 100 minutes as well as unlimited evenings and weekends. This plan does not include text messaging however we still do have our text buckets available for purchase and you could definitely tag one of those on to work in combination with that plan. 

Hope this helps clear things up, please let me know if you have more questions.