MTS dropped the ball in areas surrounding Winnipeg?....Meanwhile.....High Speed Crow Cleans up

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Why has MTS dropped the ball in areas surrounding Winnipeg? Want to be a customer but internet not available....meanwhile.....High Speed Crow Cleans up.  They made Canada profit 500 list - with 5 ---- year revenue growth of 212%.  Being recognized Canada wide as being a high flying star....what does that say about our Manitoba Telephone System?
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Posted 3 years ago

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Really it only says that rural customers are jumping onto a 4G wireless service to get internet.  From a business standpoint its quite considerably cheaper to rent wireless spectrum's from Rogers, MTS, etc then it is to install and maintain infrastructure in the ground. 

As for High Speed Crow's service they charge $297 for install and $69/month for a service that is 6.0 Mbps down and .9 Mbps up, this also only comes with a 45 Gig usage per month before overage charges appear on the bill. For the most rural customers MTS charges $198 for an install and charge $61/month for 7.0 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up with unlimited usage where you won't get any overages. 

You could even get an MTS cellphone (which will work in the same spot as High Speed Crow) and sign up for a MyPlan with 100 Minutes and Flat Rate Canada-Wide Data /w Tethering for $70.00 which would give you unlimited data usage anywhere in the country.  Sure there is the 15 Gb soft cap where your speeds slow down but you'll never have to worry about overage charges and you get the added benefit of having a cellphone with your internet service.
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Something else to keep in mind is that High Speed Crow uses a network of microwave towers. These are subject to peak times congestion which has been known to impact performance for some users.

In terms of infrastructure costs, a few fixed point microwave towers is a lot simpler and cheaper to roll out in lightly populated rural areas. I also heard that some of these microwave towers are over 40 years old and may have been an old network for Hydro use.
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Manitoba Hydro has a subsidiary company (Manitoba Hydro Telecom)  that makes money leasing spare fiber optic circuits and tower space to small ISP's and cell companies.

I believe in south Winnipeg both MTS and High Speed Crow lease space on the same Manitoba Hydro tower.  MTS is also a tenant on a Hydro tower in east Transcona

On the MHT webpage they list about 20 of the small ISP's they partner with, and they also list about 10 of the major backbone providers (including MTS/Allstream) that connect to the MHT network so they appear to be a major player in providing rural data transport to the small regional ISP's.
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Netset is also cleaning up with 100 GB., contract free services with a consistent 7.5 Mb/ sec speeds for the same price or lower. In the matter of a few short years, they have expanded coverage equal to any ISP in this province. In rural areas and many areas just outside Winnipeg where DSL is just not an option, nor likely ever will be, mts just cannot compete with their maximum 15 Gb data plans that are severely under powered and congested. After 15 Gb, your service is essentially a brick! As far as rural  internet goes, there are now many more viable alternatives.
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I think MTS should do what Bell is doing....provide home internet through the use of a fixed wireless hub using the cellular network at locations where they currently do not provide DSL service. Speeds could be tiered...or just theottled to match the existing DSL service.

Obviously...this would only work in areas with adequate cellular coverage...but the areas without are far fewer than thoser where DSL is not available.