Meet Our Bunnies

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Every-bunny's different. Who's your favourite?

Winston: A former competitive sprinter and long jump champion. To this day, Winston maintains a strict workout regimen to ensure he's always in tip top shape. Favourite TV show: Amazing Race.

Tony. The joker of the bunch. In the summer, he performs standup comedy by the marsh every Tuesday night. Attendance is usually poor, but Tony swears it's because of the mosquitoes. He is addicted to carrot cake. As you can maybe tell.

Eugene. Always one to enjoy a little shut eye, Eugene once fell asleep and got his ears tied in a knot so tight it took three chipmunks two days to unravel them. They remain floppy to this day. He is partial to apple pie.

Kate. She's a sophisticated socialite. When not throwing lavish dinner parties and entertaining the who's who of the bunny community, she can be found managing the charity she founded, Bunny hugs. Naturally, Kate will only drink French champagne.

Will. Bounding with oodles of energy, Will has a hard time sitting still. His hobbies include jumping, bouncing, hopping, and leaping around the prairie grass.

Reggie. Known for his husky voice and dry wit, Reggie is always the life of the party. Unfortunately he never gets invited to any because people keep mistaking him for Albert and think they've already invited him!

Albert. A smooth talker and occasional prankster, Albert is very popular with the ladies - mostly due to his impeccable grooming habits. When no-one's looking he enjoys a sip of dandelion wine.

Lizzie. With an inquisitive mind and keen eye for detail, nothing gets by Lizzie. Usually quiet by nature, she occasionally pipes in with her words of wisdom and is the quiet leader of the group.
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