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2 issues that I realized in my latest bill -

1) When I call MTS Call centre, theres an option to get a call back. When MTS calls me back, that call is counted towards airtime minutes. First of all, it should not go towards airtime if you have called me regarding product upgrade. on the detailed bill, it just shows "Incoming". i know its Cust Care call from my phone logs.

2) On my MTS provided Samsung phone, the call log has calls ending at 49 seconds or thereabouts. but in the detailed bill, they have been charged as 2 minutes. so clearly there is some discrepancy in the bill vs phone log. I can understand a few seconds, but 20-25% difference is big leading to a lot of overage minutes. what could be the reason?
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Posted 2 years ago

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I think MTS billing starts counting mins from the time the call is initiutated not when the other person answers. So if the phone is ringing for 20 seconds that still counts is 1min.
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yes, if thats the case, then it makes sense. one should only be charged for the "talk-time", but thats aside the point. thank you for clarifying.
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i would like to point out that the call was an incoming call, so are you saying that my clock starts when the other person dials? not when i pick up?
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This from a MTS Cell User Guide that IDC Communications has online @ their site

Airtime charges
The rate you pay for airtime depends
on your calling plan. Airtime charges
begin when you press (TALK) to either
place or answer a call, and stop when
you press (END). There is no charge
in Canada if your call is not answered,
if you reach an MTS Mobility system
recording, or if you receive a busy signal.

Airtime is charged on:
• All completed incoming and outgoing
calls from the time you press (TALK)
until you press (END).
• Calls made to the operator (0) such
as Calling Card and operator-assisted
calls, including 411.
• 1-800 calls.
• Voice Mail retrievals from your cell.
• Premium # Voice Calls (chat lines).
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as per MTS customer care, your information is only partially correct. that is only true for placing a call. for receiving a call, the charges begin when your phone starts ringing, not when you press TALK. this was the catch. thats why even my incoming calls show discrepancy because the system adds the ringing time.
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Samsung log 1:47
MTS detailed bill showing 3 mins

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The challenge is if the call is 1 minute 1 second or 1 minute 59 seconds it is billed as "2 minutes". With your reported on phone time of 49 seconds it is within 11 seconds of being into the two minute billing range. Many years ago "per second" billing was a big thing but that was dropped over ten years ago now.
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Hey there,

Thanks for touching base with us - it seems to have generated a great discussion. That's cool to see! 

When you call into Customer Care  there isn't a charge for the airtime. We do have the ability to suppress the charges when you call in and wait in the queue to speak to one of our friendly representatives. If you choose not to wait, and follow the call back system there will be a charge for airtime and we don't have the ability the change this unfortunately. 

With regard to the discrepancy listed above, I'm happy to take a look into it for you and see what I can get to the bottom of. Please feel free to send an email with your full name, cell number and billing address to

Thanks, Gillian