How do I block unwanted voicemails from a BLOCKED CALLER!?

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Call blocking a specific person is now allowing all of their annoying calls to be sent straight to voicemail. There are not enough calls to generate a protection order, however, I want to stop receiving their voicemails! It is lowering the quality of my life. It must stop. Help!
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Kim R

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Posted 2 years ago

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Jeremy, Official Rep

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Hey Kim,
The ability to block calls as you are describing depends on what system you are on.  If you are speaking about a landline you can subscribe to a service call Call Screen which you can block number individually from reaching you.  If you are speaking about a wireless device there unfortunately is nothing available to block a number entirely through the switch, only on the device itself.  So this means you could possibly block the number from ringing on your cellphone (depending on what kind of phone you have) but you wouldn't be able to prevent the calls from going to your voicemail.
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Kim R

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It is a cell phone. Thank you for your reply. I cannot believe that it is not possible to block unwanted voicemails completely. It is unacceptable!! (not your fault), I just cannot believe this is not an option!  There has to be a way around this issue, as my quality of life is garbage as a result of this person being able to get through to me. What would you suggest?
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Jeremy, Official Rep

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Hi Kim,
Sorry to hear this has been such a burden on you.  If I can be frank, the only options I can think of to really put an end to this would be to involve the authorities (which I see you mentioned already but personally I don't think anyone has the right to hinder the quality of life of another and might be worth another try with them)  or the other option would be to change your phone number.  Neither are simple solutions but at least they would solve your problem.  Best of luck getting this addressed.
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Hello Kim, 

Have you had any luck in figuring out a way to handle these harassing phone calls? A phone number change, as Jeremy suggested, could be an option. If you would like to look at doing that send us an email to and we can certainly help you with that. 
Another suggestion, with voicemail you can fast forward to the end of it by pressing '3+3' (hitting your three key two times). If the message is really long you'll have to do that more than once. And then deleting the message without listening to it. 
If you want some more help with that there is a voicemail map here

Please let us know if we can help further, 
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Kim R

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Thank you for your reply. I would like you to know that what I have to say next is not your fault.  I think the most surprising and upsetting issue, is that I should not have to change my phone number. I shouldn't have to get even ONE upsetting voicemail! As a paying customer, I find this to be UNACCEPTABLE. We truly do not live in the 21st century. What I am experiencing should not be an issue. This I feel, is truly a valid argument to bring to the "higher ups" at MTS, as this issue lowers ones quality of life. There must be others who are experiencing this. I think this is definitely an interesting and valid argument that needs more attention. If the "higher ups" were experiencing this issue, I wonder if the "options" would change..... Once again, thank you for trying, (I know you are trying to help) I just hope that this issue warrants change at MTS. Feel free to forward this to anyone at MTS who you feel needs to see it.  Best regards, Kim.
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One of the reason's you are still getting voice mail even after blocking the number is when the new 5.0 (Lollipop) version was rolled out for android cell phones the answer and hang up option was removed by Google.  I am guessing you use some sort of android cell and not an IPhone.

There appears to be at least one paid app that appears in the Google Play store that has the option to answer and hang up but I have no personal experience on if it works as described.
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iOS also has this problem too. You can block a number but it will just go to voicemail. This is a manufacturer problem and not service provider issue. It doesn't matter if you have Rogers , Telus or MTS this issue will still happen. You should contact the manufacturer of your phone to suggest that they treat blocked calls differently.

Good luck,