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When will you be launching FION speed in southern MB, specifically Morden? Yes, the businesses have FION, but the residential areas do not. It really is odd that according to your website only a select few communities offer FION network...see your link:  The latest "deployments" were in December 2014...what happened in 2015, 2016, and even the first few months in 2017? 

It is getting VERY, VERY frustrating with MTS lack of support on high speed internet in Morden/Winkler. I have asked the same question for about 5 years now. It seems you are content to just bring the FION network to communities way up north (The Pas / Thompson / Dauphin) but do very little in southern MB where the majority of people seem to live. Am I missing something here? 

For once, we would like a solid, bankable answer to the question...when is FION coming to Morden? Thanks in advance. Mark
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Not sure if you saw this but Andy From MTS posted this reply to another customer's question about two weeks ago about service in Morden  / Winkler:

Josh, thank you for your post and MTS genuinely apologizes for the slow speeds you are experiencing.

A new DSL platform has been installed into Morden and we are planning on migrating 25% of Morden subscribers over to this platform in the coming weeks.  This new platform retains the same last mile access technology as the legacy platform, but takes advantage of the latest uplink transport technologies.  We are successfully migrating Morris subscribers at the moment and Morden is the next community we are targeting.

Unlike some other communities, transport hasn't been our only problem in Morden.  It was also an insufficient uplink on the DSL platform.  The reason we have had problems upgrading the uplink in Morden is that the existing platform is extremely full.  In order for us to add more uplink capacity, we need to actually remove subscriber cards.  Until we have a new platform to deload some of the subscribers off of, we were stuck making do with what we had.  Newer platforms like the one we have just installed no longer have these kinds of limitations.  

With 25% of the subscribers deloaded, it is my hope that congestion will be alleviated in the community.  To ensure this doesn't happen again, we will also be using the slots that have been freed up to add additional uplink capacity to ensure there is sufficient of uplink capacity for future increases in consumption.  Lastly, our Assignments group will no longer be putting new subscribers on the legacy platform.  This will ensure that subscribers on both platforms scale properly.  Both platforms utilize identical last mile access technology called ADSL.  This new platform won't provide the high speed plans (like Lightning-25 or Lightning-50) that available in communities like Winnipeg or Brandon.  However, our hope is a much improved service experience

From what was posted it does not look like FION is in the future for your area.
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Year after year promised upgrades just don't seem to materialize most anywhere in rural areas! mts DSL speeds right now are pretty pathetic in many communities. Realistically FION is just a pipe dream except for a select few. I hope that I am wrong, but I do not see this latest commitment as much more than a continued sugar coating that will do little to nothing to improve network speeds. Long term I don't think mts is even very serious about trying to even come close, never mind competing, with Xplornet's pledge of 25 Mbps speeds by July/ 2017 for ALL Manitobans and Canadians.
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Do you think that Xplorenet will be able to follow through on that pledge? Currently, their packages available at our cabin cost more and give less than MTS does.
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We will have to see what happens in July. Availability is often the limiting factor for most. Not many people has access to DSL in cabin country and even then, congestion is currently a big problem to decent speeds. Wireless services, where available, have caps of 15 Gb. That doesn't go very far for providing modern internet services.
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I don't see why not.  The big issue that most providers face is actually providing the infrastructure to the home in rural/remote areas: Either running cable/fiber over long distances, or line of sight wireless which  generally requires a tower installed at the customer's location.   In the case of satellite, all you need is a clear view of the southern sky, and a relatively small satellite dish.  

As for congestion, that is a possibility, but since the service area is much greater, the likelihood that they will have the bandwidth to back the product is greater than say...a smaller provider who only provides access locally to a small area. 
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Mark, thank you for your post.  Generally, MTS bases its decision on whether we deploy FiON in an area based on what type of last mile access is available.  In new areas, we deploy only fiber cable so FiON service is a given.  In areas where only copper cable is deployed to the last mile, we use DSL technology.  In some communities we will opt to migrate the entire community over from copper to fiber.  You have provided some examples like The Pas, Thompson and Dauphin, Selkirk would be another example.  

The decision to convert an entire community to FiON is generally based on the condition of the cable that is in the ground.  Copper cables have an expected life span which we factor in as part of our analysis for return on investment.  This is no different than any investment you would make in your own household, a car for example has an expected service life and you fix it until it simply isn’t worth fixing anymore.  Once it has exceeded its expected service life, you buy a new one.  The condition of the copper plant in the Pembina Valley area is generally still good, there are of course exceptions and we have done fiber migrations as needed and you have noted those areas already. But to answer your question simply, there are no immediate plans to convert the entire community over to FiON. 

That being said, I suspect your frustration is being compounded by the fact that you are experiencing congestion with your internet service.  I have acknowledged this and sincerely apologize.  I also want you to know that your loyalty and patience is genuinely appreciated and MTS thanks you for your business.  MTS currently has a campaign to mitigate congestion in several rural communities.  We have just completed migrations in Morris and are starting migrations in Morden and Flin Flon next week.  You should be experiencing better internet service in the coming weeks.  

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So to summarize what you're saying is that you're not planning on updating Morden over to FiON anytime soon, but that you will work on de-congesting the DSL lines? My question is this: will that have any effect on our download/upload capabilities? That's what I'm after. Very frustrating that we can only have 5 Mbps down and 0.5 Mbps up...

It gets even more frustrating when small, private companies are working to bring fibre to surrounding communities. Check out this article:

One can understand that MTS wants to get the most life out of the copper cable the installed awhile back; however, with the over congestion they added to the lines, you would think they would have maximised their ROI by now. From a business perspective, I think they need to realize that unless they remain current, when a competitor comes in with something better, they will most likely lose that business...and in that sense, it will take a lot longer to pay for the copper lines then. Just my opinion.
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I find this absolutely crazy.  I live in Morden on 6th and my neighbor 2 blocks down the street has FION on their 25 plan for $35 a month for the first 6 months.  with this kind of talk they make it sound like their not planning on spreading it around the whole city.  It'd be a shame to have to go with VISP and their data caps just to get better speeds.