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Paying for landline service so we can receive Westjet and Cruise calls.  Rarely do we get calls that are for legit reasons.  Decision time - dump landline for cell only but wonder if this will impact our TV service and if cell phone only is becoming more common than not. We will save $$ switching but not sure of the negatives.  All comments and experience with this scenario are appreciated.
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Posted 3 years ago

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You don't need a landline for TV or internet.  MTS will install a delinked line for free to provide you with the service.

We went that route a couple years ago.  The only downside we found was the need for a cellular transmitter for our AAA Alarm (now apparently there is a delinked line for that too, but I am still paying for the transmitter).

The other thing you need to get used to is not having a bunch of phones around the house to answer when they ring, you only have your cell phone, so if you are in one room and your cell phone is elsewhere you have to go to it to answer it.  This is mostly a problem when it is on the charger and I am on the other side of the house, in which case I can't hear the phone anyway.

hope this helps
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It used to, and may still, be possible to get cordless home phone style phones that are actually Bluetooth "headsets". You could then link it to your cell via Bluetooth if you really want to still have a "home phone" but just want it to be your wireless service.
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Using VOIP is also another option.
It's dirt cheap.
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I have used voip.ms in the past and it's pretty reliable.
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and you can setup your own blacklists which is nice.
sorry about the separate posts.
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You will still get spam calls on your cell. I don't give out my cell number except to family, Dr etc but still get those kind of calls.
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My opinion - I will never give up my land line, for security reasons.  My security!!  I do have a cell phone, but find that it trickle drains the charge, even when turned off. So, if I need it, I have been caught with needing to charge it.  Which takes time.  Because I seldom use the cell phone, or any phone, I don't keep it plugged in all the time.  Just every couple days... but if I forget, or if I don't use it at all for several days, then -- I suddenly don't have the  use of it until I charge it.   Meantime - if there were an emergency -- I'd be screwed.  So, I like to keep the land line in case I ever need to call 911....  Besides, with a land line, if you do call 911, they know where you are calling from -the cell phone not so much... 
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Yeah, I don't know if it's a CRTC thing because they're the incumbent phone company or what. Also keep in mind that cordless phones not on a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) don't work in a power outage. Good ol' corded phones!
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Yeah I have my voip and cordless phone on a UPS I got for a good price at costco. Lasts about 30 minutes but it's better than nothing. I have a second one in the basement hooked up the MTS modem. :)

Thanks again for the info!
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Anytime! Are you saying you have a phone connected to a voip port on an MTS 2WIRE/Pace gateway? If so, I've never seen those being used. Just to clarify, even with delinked lines, a phone still plugs into a regular old phone jack. As long as the jack(s) are wired into the MTS feed.

Something that might be of interest:
These must be rare. I've only evet seen a handful.
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So Jesse, looking at the pictures were you suppose to put a sticker on my pots splitter to show me what jack was the test one, when you did my upgrade to MTS Ultimate last December?  http//1bpblogspotcom/-LIjiSMcxYBw/TnBcJjSRHoI/AAAAAAAAAbA/ZB9WmdAUrIU/s1600/Vaccinius_1png

I have seen a few jacks without stickers (probably fell off)  next to electrical panels in basements and they have been so full of the green copper corrosion on the pins I was amazed there was phone service.  Probably the number of noise on line calls due to this is the reason test jacks are not seen anymore.
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We've never gotten the stickers as contractors, plus their standards dictate that we're supposed to tape over all 3 of the RJ11/RJ45 pins on the filter (sorry if I forgot to, it's a small step to miss sometimes when you're so busy.) Partly so a line doesn't get plugged into the Line or DSL ports and knock out the service, and also to keep them clean. I've seen a handful of filters with dust/dryer lint/corrosion.

The jacks by the panel may not have always been for testing only. I know what you mean, though. I still see the odd ring-trip repair caused by an unused jack, and sometimes the customer doesn't even know it existed. This one had a cord still plugged into it, resting on the damp carpet. The jack was a foot or so off the floor, so removing the cord fixed it.
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I get just as many spam calls on my cell as my land line. The advise to hang up on the caller is not the best in my mind. My wife and I have found many ways to tie up their calls. We make a sport of it. These companies are using auto dialers to see if a number is answered, hense to numerous hang up calls. Whoever comes up with a way to stop these callers could become very rich.

I believe that the CRTC should mandate that all calls should be traceable and that caller ID should indicate a legitimate number, not a spoofed number.