Call Centre has poor customer service!!!

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I just spent 23 minutes on hold with MTS TV.  I spoke to a rep and she was annoyed I did not have my customer number...asked me a couple of security questions, and then told me she would transfer my call.  When the call was transferred, it immediately went into a fast busy signal.  What a waste of time!!!!!  

So I tried again.  This time i went through the numbers to press. Now get this...A recorded message stated they are experiencing higher than normal calls, appreciated my business, and said to call back later.  Then it hung up!!!!!!

This is NOT how to keep customers! Why should I have to chase you as a customer to do business with you MTS Allstream?  Your call centre management needs a lesson in defining and providing good customer service.  There is technology out there that give you the customer the option of having a call back in order not to waste our time. (Check Apple)  

I spend almost $300 a month and have bundled all my services with MTS including AAA Alarms.  Now MTS, tell me why should I continue to do business with you?  Maybe Netflix or Apple TV are better options when providing customer service.  MTS, I'm giving you a FAIL on your business practices!
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Posted 3 years ago

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Stan I know your frustration.... see my post from 4 months ago -
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Its hard to believe this day and age that any call center would just play a message and hang up on you. I have had this happen to me as well. There is no reason an automated auto attendant system could not handle call processing in a better way. And for a phone company to not get the idea is sad.
Now I am not much of a betting man but I would put money down that if you call sales looking to pickup a new service they don't dump the phone call or make you sit on hold for 20 minutes.
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Jeremy, Official Rep

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Hey Stan,
Sorry to hear about your negative experience.  I can assure you we do have a callback option when the queue gets long however even that callback list can sometimes fill up.  Another thing to consider as well is the time of your call and what department you were trying to reach.  Technical Support is the only department that is 24/7, most other departments close at 6.  So if it was around or after 5 PM when you tried to call, and there was already 30 - 40 in the queue, offering a callback would have been irresponsible as we wouldn't have been able to accommodate it.  With this said I certainly understand your frustration, even me as an employee have had the same thing happen when I tried to call in and order new service when I moved into my new home.  I may have understood the reasoning but it certainly didn't help calm me down when I was asked to callback later and heard that awful click.  We do our best to try as staff accordingly but sometimes call volumes do exceed our expectations.  
I sincerely hope that you have better luck next time you call in.
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Jessica, Alum

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Hi Stan, 
Again, we apologize for your experience. We're in the process of making improvements to our Contact Centre process to achieve greater efficiency in managing those call volumes, but it's understandably frustrating to have to wait like you did last night in the meantime. Were you able to get your issue resolved? If not, if you're able to send an email including your phone number and account number to then we'll look into it straightaway. 
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Dear mts reps, tried calling in today because mts overcharged me. Same message played with no callback option! You obviously have not improved your efficiency or hired more staff as you are clearly understaffed when you say that even the call back list fills up. Getting things done right the first time also helps in reducing those incoming calls. Going through the comments on this community page it is quite clear that MTS is one of the worst companies to deal with and people simply sign up with mts because there is no other option. As soon as some competitors are available in certain areas of mb you will lose your customers. You seriously need to work on ur customer service and customer satisfaction. I've never experienced a hang up from a company before! This is absolutely horrible customer service! Please staff accordingly during peak hours and extend your hours. You must be kidding only taking calls until 6 especially when that's the time most people call in as you obviously cannot handle the amount of incoming calls on an ongoing basis. It's not like I'm the first one complaining about this and you still haven't changed a thing. That hang up!! Argh! Makes me so mad!
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I tried calling in today after work because I had two international text messages I didn't send show up on my bill and was wondering what they were for.  I could not get through on the 204callmts number (told to try later) or on chat for a while around 4pm.

Finally chat opened up and I was able to get things fixed up but even then the rep must have been juggling screens as it took a while for responses.
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Hopefully MTS customer service agents are using the practice of a warm transfer (making sure someone answers when transferring) instead of just sending the call over to a line that might not be available. If the other line was not available they would hopefully be able to add some notes of the account and flag it as needing a call back, even if it is the next day.

In terms of customer service hours, I too have left the pain of their limited hours. It would be nice to see customer service hours expand to 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. This would at least allow customers to attempt to call in from home at some point in a day. To put it in perspective, there is value is having the sales team and technical support team work extended hours so you know customers are trying to call. Perhaps have a few of the senior sales team cross trained into customer service so they can pick up the limited calls coming in on that side after 6:00 pm.
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Hey Cory,
Our sales department actually used to be open until 8 pm.  They changed it back to 6 pm several months ago.  Initially the hours were extended for the exact reasons you have all been talking about, people needing later hours to call in, the reality of what occurred was actually the opposite.  The volume of calls that came in after 6 pm were quite low.  It was to the point that the volume of calls wasn't worth the staff that were working, so it was changed back to 6 pm.  It may be something that gets looked into again at one point but I wanted to at least explain why it's set at 6 pm again. 
As for tech support they are 24/7, unfortunately they can't really address any sales concerns or billing questions but at least they can help with technical problem if your service isn't working.

To address the high call volumes and the unfortunate, ever frustrating "Thank you for calling but please try again later... *click*".  I know all to well how you feel as I have also been on the receiving end of that message.  I can assure you we do our best to try and forecast and staff accordingly but sometimes surprises occur and the volume of calls is just way more than expected.  When these issues occur we try to call all hands on deck by offering over time, calling agents who are off to come in if they are interested and make every effort to get those calls answered in a timely fashion but sometimes the flood comes faster than we can bail out.  Fortunately this is not a very frequent occurrence and we usually manage it quite well.  The callback option is almost always active but even that system fills up, it would be irresponsible to offer a callback that we know for a fact we can't accommodate.  The time of day also plays a factor, if you are calling after 4 pm and we have 40-60+ calls or callbacks waiting, we know a callback simply wont happen.  We have to try and weigh the options of 2 bad situations.  Do we offer a callback that we know we can't meet and leave customers hanging, or just bite the bullet, be honest and ask them to callback at a later time.  Neither are great options but personally I prefer the latter.

Now all this being said it certainly doesn't subside the rage felt when you are hung up on by your service provider but I hope this at the very least helps explain the situation and I can assure you these situations are taken very seriously and solutions are always being looked into.
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What about staggered hours or rotating OT??  Many customers might appreciate the option to have someone return their call the next day if it not of an urgent matter. 
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Thanks for the good suggestions Sandra and CoryB, we've passed along your feedback.